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The digital control technology has entered a new stage of intelligent
Source:   Author:   Time:2014-01-03 17:48:26

Digital control technology development has undergone three phases: digital control machine tools single control technology; production management information collection formed the production process control; production process remote control, network and no one chemical plant intelligent new stage. Intelligent intelligence refers to the process, using computer, information, intelligent network technology, such as organic combination of CNC machining process monitoring and implementation of the smart artificial intelligence, such as automatic programming. Intelligent monitoring process can be achieved with the work piece positioning card is automatically find, tool diameter and length of error of measurement, process diagnostic tool wear and breakage, parts handling logistics monitoring, automatic compensation, adjustment, automatic replacement tool, intelligent monitoring system for machine tools Mechanical, electrical, hydraulic system failure automatic diagnosis, alarm, fault show, and so on, until the shutdown processing. With the development of network technology, remote fault diagnosis expert application of the intelligent system began. NC system with on-line backup services and online backup. Artificial intelligence programming system automatically according to the requirements of machine tool parts for automatic processing. Online services can be requested at any time based on user access INTERNET accept long-distance services. Intelligent use of technology to achieve integration and management of information under the Reconstruction of the optimization of intelligent decision-making process to control, intelligent control error compensation, fault diagnosis and maintenance of intelligent features such as forming and processing greatly enhance the accuracy and improve manufacturing efficiency. Information technology in the manufacturing system on the application, developed into a flexible manufacturing units and factories intelligent network, and further to the manufacturing system can develop in the direction of the reorganization.


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