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CNC milling in the finishing
Source:   Author:   Time:2014-01-07 17:20:18

Finishing methods include contour finishing, finishing of the scan line, a light plane finishing, 3D offset machining, limit the line finishing, finishing of the guided route, guided routes finishing, the finishing of contour parameters line fine processing and other processing methods. Practical application, the concrete analysis of what method should be used according to the actual situation. Among them, the contour finishing, finishing and guidelines of the scan lines moving lines finishing their corresponding finishing first elective principle is the same.
The following describes the various alternatives to the choice of the original line: 1) shallow flat finish: According to the angular range given by the user automatically search for the parts of the flat parts, then these flat parts to generate the scan processing path; flat area in the model of automatic identification of parts, and for these regions to generate a finishing mill the trajectory of the knife, greatly improving the accuracy and efficiency of part flat part of the finishing. 2) 3D offset processing: You can generate three-dimensional space, line spacing, even the tool path; processing effect have the same scallop height, to improve processing quality and effectiveness; also makes the cutter sliced ​​the process, keep the load constant, especially for processing for high-speed machine tools. 3) limit line finishing: The processing area limit line limit by setting the two limit lines to control part processing area (only) or to extract a limit line to control the tool to tool path trajectory, to improve the part of local processing accuracy and meet the technical requirements. 4) contour finishing: mainly used for processing the inner and outer contours or processing slot class.
No three-dimensional model, as long as the given two-dimensional contour can be single or multiple contour processing; can track offset into a retracting set arc and line; radius compensation automatically and generate compensation code. 5) parameter line finishing: surface (surface, solid surface), a processing method, you can set the limit surface, interference checking, you can also achieve radial path pattern. More finishing cutter, please visit the ShenZhen workers CNC tool!


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